Smartphone Trends of 2015: A Checklist to keep track of

Today I`m going to talk about something that I can not live without, and I am sure many of you feel the same way about as well. Digital technology has slowly but progressively invaded human life. The journey from a luxury to necessity has been phenomenal over the past 2 decades. The smartphones have become smarter than ever before and its market is growing with each passing day. However the smartphone trends have been changing over time. 2015 has seen a shift in the consumer preferences when it comes to smartphone trends. The technology experts and consumer sales surveys have predicted the following smartphone trends for the year 2015;smartphone trends

  • Wearable Technology: The much publicized technology of the year Apple Watch is just one of the many thermometers which indicate how hot the wearable technology is. The level of interest that has been generated in the public by the smart watches and other wearables like Google glass it is only a matter of time when every person will possess some smart wearable device the way they own a smartphone today.
  • Wireless Charging: Much like Nexus 6, there will be more smartphones that will support the wireless charging feature. This will be a big step forward since it will eliminate the need of lugging around a wired charger. So no more hassle of wires and looking for a socket near some surface to put your phone on.
  • Connected Home and Office: The new smartphone technology will offer you a better working from home or working at home experience by synchronizing and sharing your screens.
  • IoT: The Internet of Things has taken the world by storm. With the embedded systems making their way into your life, smartphones will become even more important when it comes to survival in a digital world. The number of devices controlled by your smartphone will grow exponentially and so will the significance of smartphones in your life.
  • Smart Appliances: The integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will lead to better and smarter appliances that will learn and then evolve their mechanisms to act intelligently.
  • Health Trackers: From the humble beginnings of a simple hear rate monitor, the smartphones are now able to track your fitness with a variety of apps which can coordinate between your doctor or physician and pharmacist as well as wearable devices that can record and transmit your data on the basis of which your health can be determined.
  • Mobile Financing: The use of smartphones to make payments will exceed the use of credit cards or plastic money.
  • New Smartphone Vendors: Huawei and ZTE are two of the few big names when it comes to smartphone manufacturing industry in China. They have an edge on their competitors in the sense that their phones come at a lower price than the bigwigs of smartphone industry like Apple and Samsung. On the contrary, Microsoft continues to put out phones in Lumia series which are aimed towards the middle class people with budget limitations.

The world of smartphones will see some important changes in the coming years. However it can be safely predicted that the smartphones will become smarter as well as more significant in human life. This might seem kind of scary, but we are on the way to many great things and we can credit our smartphones as one of the catalysts to reach us there!

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