The Internet of ME: What You Should All Know

The internet has changed the whole perspective of life itself. Some experts suggested and were right that there indeed was a major paradigm shift when it comes to documenting the history of technology. But the most amazing factor of internet was the unlimited access that it offered to everyone. Any person sitting in some remote corner of the world will have access to the same content as you have. Thats right, Seth has the same access as you do; and my charities would have never even made it out of the idea phase had it not been for the internet.

However, the big issue that popped up right away from this was that of user interest. The tech gurus and IT bigwigs began to question the content and its relation to the viewer’s interest. In order to retain the public interest as well as to upgrade the provision of net services, elaborate algorithms were designed that could learn from the user’s behavior and thus implement it so that the internet displays the content of your interest while filtering out the rest.

This led to the idea of Internet of Me.

What about IoT?

The most logical question that arises here is about the Internet of Things (IoT). One might question the need of Internet of Me when we already have IoT. Well the answer to this question is that while we are all aware of the way that the devices communicate with each other, and how this interaction between devices could be used to provide an easier life as well as comfort for the customer, the response of these devices remains pretty generic. This implies that the smart devices are not smart enough to be customized to each individual person.

The Internet of Me

The Internet of Me goes beyond the Internet of Things. This notion was put forward in order to personalize the end user services which are provided using various inter-connected devise. The reason behind the adoption of this technology is the motivation to provide the customer with a better, appealing and engrossing experience.

Even the survey results indicate that the public interest will be directed more towards end user’s experience. The companies will be more interested in vesting in the products that will offer customized customer experiences because statistics how that more and more of the clientele will opt for some connected device.

This is a part of the global phenomenon whereby the organizations are focused on an individual as a customer rather than going for the customer segmentation in general. This will ensure that each end user gets to enjoy his desired experience from any product or service rather than resigning to what the vendors have to offer. This will also be a new step forward towards establishing collaborations between different companies so as to provide a comprehensive experience to the customer.

Facebook is using the same concept where they have designed the algorithms which ensure that your news feed is filled only with the items that are of your interest and filter out the remaining less related items. Similarly new technologies are in the earlier phases of development and launch which will customize the advertisements etc. on the basis of psychographic, demographic and geographical data of the customer. The Internet of ME is ready to take the world by storm guys, so be prepared and don’t be surprised by what happens in the not so distant future.