LG 360 Cam on pre-order in the US! A Quick Review

LG 360 Cam on pre-order in the US! A Quick Review

Although LG G5 was the hero of the South Korean multinational’s offerings at the MWC event held recently in Barcelona, Spain, the company also revealed a few other devices to show off its innovative and competitive designs. These devices are supposed to be used with LG G5, as augmented hardware tools, so as to improve the G5 experience.

This latest augmentation of a handset with associated devices has changed the smartphone experience in a manner that could not have been envisaged a few years back. The two most prominent augmented devices are the 360 cam and 360 VR. The good news is that these two accessories are also available for pre-order.

In case you are in search of a shooter that can aid you in creating VR content, you can order it via B&H where the device is listed for a hefty $200.

The standalone snapper clicks and shoots images as well as videos at 360-degree angle and assembled with two 200-degree 13MP snappers, facilitating users to capture both 180 and 360-degree images and videos at 2K. In addition, it is also capable of recording 5.1 surround sound through three available microphones. The superior design ensures that, despite featuring a number of options, the device is absolutely compact and measures 30×97×25mm and weighs merely 72g.

You can swiftly click an image with a short press over the shutter button or can capture videos while using the long press. In addition, the speed of the shutter, ISO as well as white balance along with many other features can be customized as per your requirements.

The device sports 4GB of internal memory. However, if you feel like enhancing it, the microSD card slot can be used to meet the purpose. The 360 cam is backed by 1200 mAh battery, allowing you to shoot 70 minutes of recording and can be charged via USB Type C connection. In addition, the tripod mount is also included in the package.


A Variety Of Options

There is an option to download images and videos by using Bluetooth and WIFI and these clicks can be conveniently shared on YouTube, Google Street View etc.

The other LG G5 accessory, dubbed LG 360 VR is also priced at $200. The VR headset is comparable to Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. However, the handset is not fixed into it as its display but the handset is still a prerequisite as it links to the G5 through USB Type C connectivity.

LG 360 VR includes in-built IPS 1.88-inch displays having 970×720p screen resolution each, equating to a total of 639p per inch, which definitely is quite bigger than your conventional 5-inch QHD displays having 587p per inch. The device weighs merely 117g and features a chassis identical to the spectacles which apparently means that you will not be required to hold it by using your hands. In addition, LG 360 VR also packs in a headphone jack or you can also use a Bluetooth headset linked to your G5.

The best part is that apart from being able to view images and videos via 360 cam, the device is also compatible with Google cardboard data.

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