Consumer Drones To Keep An Eye On

Consumer Drones To Keep An Eye On

Gracias to the colossal ascent of consumer drones! The most cherished article under the tree this Christmas season was a snapper with four rotors. Drones are no more distinctive tech gadgets as they land in almost all shapes and sizes. Whether it is Parrot’s mini-sized ones or DJI’s wallet-friendly choices, you can surely find something suited to your interests and needs over the shelves these days.

For your family and loved ones, nothing matches a gift like drones. They are fun and usable. Let’s see few of the best products which were literally adored by the drone-obsessed techies.


dji phatom 3Priced in the range of $599 – $1159, you might need to break your bank for such a big purchase. But then Christmas is the season to go all out! Thus many Christmas shoppers went for the DJI Phantom 3 to gift it to their loved ones.

The user response of Phantom has been phenomenal.

I really adore how it hovers still and how it moves. I just had an amazing time at this Christmas and that’s all because of unrolling the gift of my choice,” said a teenager whose father had to pay out $900 for his Christmas gift.

Both Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 advanced are absolutely invincible because of their quality, fineness in picture quality and ease of use.

The product flaunts in-built GPS, automatic landing as well as take-off and also features HD 4K video capacity.


Star Wars enthusiasts had a splendid Christmas this year. Thanks to Star Wars Sphero BB-8 droid. The best part is that the device reacts to what you say and can be handled using your Smartphone. Those of you who are in love with remote controls will literally love the product.

Wow! This Star War themed droid is awesome. I felt like flying over the galaxy this Christmas. It’s a best gift ever!” said an 11 years that seemed literally in love with the automation and flying.


Driven by 3DRs popular autopilot that can fly of its own when you instruct it to do so, this product was also marked as top Christmas present this season because of its functionality, image quality and robotics.

Drones are absolutely not for kids only; I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this automated robot. It’s like a pleasure that cannot be replaced with something else,” said a 30 years technology-enthusiast.

There was a time when remote-controlled cars and video games were the hottest Christmas presents. But the times have changed now; especially with the latest technological advancements along with automation and robotics awareness, people are inclined more towards something that can fulfill their urge of piloting and controlling robots. Drones are certainly the best choice of the lot to cater the tech needs of modern man. Some of the other products which thrilled kids and elders this Christmas season include backpacks for drones, portable chargers and power banks and remote controller strap belts. Christmas has gone but the craze continues. With New Year just around the corner, the furor over drones shows no signs of relenting.

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