3 Awesome Technologies You Must Have for a Smart Home

3 Awesome Technologies You Must Have for a Smart Home

3 Awesome Technologies You Must Have for a Smart Home

3 Awesome Technologies You Must Have for a Smart Home
Getting your dream smart home requires patience, money, and readiness to get all that’s required for such a home. It’s not just about having smart fans, garage doors, motion sensors, and other smart devices that we all want. You also need appropriate technologies that will make your smart environment more useful and delightful. These remarkable technologies are the best ones that will make you enjoy your smart experience at home:

#1 A Homekit to Control Your Devices

Having a smart home means having the widest possible array of apps and other devices. However, controlling all of them can be a challenge if you do not have something that will help you put all of them under one control. Indeed, jumping from one app to another isn’t good at all. Fortunately, you can put all these devices together using a Home Kit.
HomeKit is an awesome framework created by Apple that lets you control all your home smart devices from a central place conveniently. You won’t, therefore, have to jump from one device to another. The one good thing about this technology is the fact that it allows you to control all your devices irrespective of their type or manufacturer. You can effectively control all those devices you have from different manufacturers.

#2 Smart Lighting Technologies

Every smart homeowner must have at least a couple of smart bulbs. You, however, have to be a little bit careful in choosing them because you’ll find the widest variety of such bulbs out there. If you want to get the best ones for your home, then learn about the features of smart lights before you go out to the counter to purchase them for your smart home.
Compared to other smart home products, smart lights are no doubt some of the cheapest products you’ll need to give your home the smartest appearance possible. You can get color-changing bulbs, LED strips below the cabinets, automatic lights and, of course, a smart switch. These are the most basic devices you’ll need for your smart home.

#3 In-House Voice Assistant

Voice activated home assistants do a fantastic job when it comes to controlling your smart home. This technology is gaining popularity for the fact that you don’t need to recharge at the end of the day. If you don’t have this technology, then you are yet to have your smart home. Indeed, it feels nice to control things at home with your voice. You can get Amazon echo or Google home smart home assistants and see the experience. You’ll enjoy it!
A smart home cannot be complete without these awesome gadgets. People have different experiences, but if you want a real smart experience at home, you have no choice but to get at least these three technologies before adding others for more comfort and ease of controlling activities at home. Live smarter.

Top Five Breakthrough Technologies in 2017

Top Five Breakthrough Technologies in 2017

With future technologies paving the way for many of the world’s economic and medical sectors, it is easy to see why it is so important to invest in technology. Today, I want to briefly cover some of these breakthrough technologies that are set to roll in 2017 and beyond.

Some of these might be a bit complex to understand, but they are interesting and important nonetheless.

1. Conversational Interfaces

Powerful technology developed by one of China’s leading Internet Company. It’s a technology that makes it pretty simple and easier to use smartphones. We all know how nowadays we can make conversations with our phones and pass our information to our target audience. Give a try to it and your conversational trend with change for the best.

2. DNA App Store

It’s an online store that has information about your genes. It makes it possible and easy for one to learn more about their genetic makeup and health risks. Using it regularly gives you an opportunity to understand predisposition and, therefore, find ways of managing them. If used in the right way, this great breakthrough technology can help us understand the reasons behind certain features and behaviors that might not be okay and pleasing to us.

3. Power from Air

Who’s hearing Wi-Fi and other awesome telecommunications signals for the first time? Well, these are things we use on a daily basis and are, in fact, becoming basic needs. If you didn’t know, then this is a breakthrough technology we are calling it power from the air. It’s, indeed, one of the greatest breakthrough technologies that have made things enjoyable especially in this internet era. In fact, organizations and even individuals have this technology at their workplaces. Indeed, it’s a wonderful one that we should all have for all the good reasons.

rockets4. Reusable Rockets

We know that typically, rockets should be damaged in their maiden voyage but nowadays, that isn’t the case. With the great and inspiring improvements that have taken place over the years, they can now make safe landings and get refueled for a new trip. Doesn’t take sound nice? It’s, indeed, one of the most wonderful breakthrough technologies that everyone loves. They have set new and amazing era in spaceflight. Ask everyone interested in rockets, and you’ll understand what this means to the many rocket activities that have been taking place.

5. Gene Editing for Plants

With the amazing CRISPR technology, it’s now easy to alter the genes of plants, so we maximize the good traits while doing away with those that we do not want. That’s why we at the moment hear about disease resistant plants, early maturity and high productivity among many other benefits that come with this technology. It’s been applied, and it’s doing a nice job out there especially when it comes to food plants. Indeed, it’s an excellent breakthrough technology and should be a big deal especially in the medical/science field.

These 5 are not the only breakthrough technologies currently pending, but they are in my opinion the 5 most important. After reading these, you really get the feeling that the future of technology really is wonderful, isn’t it?

Addicted to Your Smartphone? Tips To Reduce Usage

Addicted to Your Smartphone? Tips To Reduce Usage

Do you feel that your smartphone controls your life and you can’t concentrate on your daily activities? If that’s the case, you are addicted, and you need to do something about it. Fortunately, it’s possible to reclaim your life and stop your phone from interfering with the vital things you need to do on a daily basis. This is what I call a downside to technology.

However, this does not imply that we have to stop usage of phones completely. They are good and have, in fact, made things easy. Cell phone addiction is not listed as a mental disorder in the new DSM-5 yet, however many experts compare it to a gambling addiction.

With that said, here a few great ways to practice in order to reduce your reliance on cell phone use.

Turn It off When You Get into Your Car

Well, this should be a law, and we should, in fact, look forward to the day it will become, and we all follow. It’s one of those habits that are reported to be among the causes of accidents. But should we wait until it’s made a law, so we are serious about it? No, we need to manage and end it completely. Your mind can’t be in two places at the same time. Even in Physics, there is no one thing that can occupy same space at the same time. Therefore, stop using yours whenever you are driving and do not yield to temptation of using it.

Stop Playing With It at Night

If every night you find yourself playing video games, text messaging, or even chatting on Facebook, then that’s a serious addiction, and you need to stop to stop it. You are losing your precious time over smartphone addiction. Sleep is a basic need and the moment you start giving more time to your phone than to the needs, you’re playing with your well-being and health. It’s not only serious but also makes you ineffective when it comes to doing the things that you should always do.

Create No-Smartphone Times

It’s a fact that working nowadays is highly affected by phone alerts that do not even relate to the activities we do. Work is constantly distracted, and the trend seems not to have an end any soon. However, we can end it by beginning the journey to stopping it at personal levels. That way, we’ll be able to concentrate on our daily work and be more productive. Ask those successful men around you what they do, and you’ll realize that one of their secrets to being successful is by avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Follow those tips and your smartphone will help you carry out activities effectively instead of being the reason behind your failure to be productive at work.

If you are are unsure whether or not you even have a cell phone addiction, read this great guide by Psychguide.

If you know someone that you believe has a cell phone addiction, share this with your friends and family members so we may bring awareness on this often neglected topic. This goes more than just texting while driving, even though that is a very serious issue today!

Five Things that Technology Will Make Useless In 10 Years

Five Things that Technology Will Make Useless In 10 Years

When did you last ask for driving directions, sent a fax to a co-worker or went to a store to buy a CD? It must be some years back right? Looking around, there are some things that were useful a few years ago but no longer exist nowadays due to the coming of new technologies and other innovations.

Technological progress has, indeed, changed the world. With the rise of products like consumer drones, we have no doubt that more amazing things are yet to come. From the way things are happening at the moment, it appears that we might soon forget the following:

#1: Paper

In about ten year time, schools will decrease the use of papers largely by almost 95%. That means the copier and printing industry should be prepared for such tough times that might bring things to an end. The best thing for the players is to adjust to avoid perishing apart from the losses that might not be good. All these are attributable to innovations that have come as a result of the many benefits of the paperless technology.

#2: Cable Companies

Who doesn’t know the wireless technology that’s changing things at the moment? Unlike a few years ago when every connection had to be through a wire, nowadays we can do without the wires and cables. Right from sound systems, remote controls, and many others, it’s evident that, indeed, wireless technology is taking things to a higher level.

#3: Set-Top Streamers

We do not doubt the fact that set-top streamers are the best devices at the moment. However, with time, consumers will shift to affordable and smart sets that are slowly by slowly finding a place in the hearts of many. So at the moment, we can just term set-top boxes as makeshift solutions and transition as people move to better technologies. As the years go, the boxes will lose necessity and become obsolete with other products that are currently exiting the market.

#4: Car Mirrors

Recently, cameras have gotten a place in the popular high-end cars and, in fact, everyone wants to have them in their vehicles. What does this mean to the traditional car mirrors? They are only usable for a few years before people shift fully to the use of cameras and display setups. If you were to choose between a car that uses a mirror and a camera, which one would you pick? Of course, the one with a  camera.

#5: Language Labs

A few years ago, learning a language was a process that required one to sit in a language lab and listen to an instructor. That’s why it always took a little bit longer time compared to what happens nowadays. With a smartphone, you have all you need to learn that foreign language you are interested in knowing it. Technology has, indeed, made it easy to learn anything. Whether you want to read it or watch videos, you can do so from the comfort of your home with a smartphone.

After reading these 5 above, you can definitely envision the kind of world we are heading to and how life will be with the many awesome technologies. It’s a wake-up call to all those at risk of losing their jobs and ways of earning a living. We either embrace technology or wait for our activities to become useless.

Sorry to be the Debbie Downer, but that’s the brutal truth of our future here!

Consumer Drones To Keep An Eye On

Consumer Drones To Keep An Eye On

Gracias to the colossal ascent of consumer drones! The most cherished article under the tree this Christmas season was a snapper with four rotors. Drones are no more distinctive tech gadgets as they land in almost all shapes and sizes. Whether it is Parrot’s mini-sized ones or DJI’s wallet-friendly choices, you can surely find something suited to your interests and needs over the shelves these days.

For your family and loved ones, nothing matches a gift like drones. They are fun and usable. Let’s see few of the best products which were literally adored by the drone-obsessed techies.


dji phatom 3Priced in the range of $599 – $1159, you might need to break your bank for such a big purchase. But then Christmas is the season to go all out! Thus many Christmas shoppers went for the DJI Phantom 3 to gift it to their loved ones.

The user response of Phantom has been phenomenal.

I really adore how it hovers still and how it moves. I just had an amazing time at this Christmas and that’s all because of unrolling the gift of my choice,” said a teenager whose father had to pay out $900 for his Christmas gift.

Both Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 advanced are absolutely invincible because of their quality, fineness in picture quality and ease of use.

The product flaunts in-built GPS, automatic landing as well as take-off and also features HD 4K video capacity.


Star Wars enthusiasts had a splendid Christmas this year. Thanks to Star Wars Sphero BB-8 droid. The best part is that the device reacts to what you say and can be handled using your Smartphone. Those of you who are in love with remote controls will literally love the product.

Wow! This Star War themed droid is awesome. I felt like flying over the galaxy this Christmas. It’s a best gift ever!” said an 11 years that seemed literally in love with the automation and flying.


Driven by 3DRs popular autopilot that can fly of its own when you instruct it to do so, this product was also marked as top Christmas present this season because of its functionality, image quality and robotics.

Drones are absolutely not for kids only; I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this automated robot. It’s like a pleasure that cannot be replaced with something else,” said a 30 years technology-enthusiast.

There was a time when remote-controlled cars and video games were the hottest Christmas presents. But the times have changed now; especially with the latest technological advancements along with automation and robotics awareness, people are inclined more towards something that can fulfill their urge of piloting and controlling robots. Drones are certainly the best choice of the lot to cater the tech needs of modern man. Some of the other products which thrilled kids and elders this Christmas season include backpacks for drones, portable chargers and power banks and remote controller strap belts. Christmas has gone but the craze continues. With New Year just around the corner, the furor over drones shows no signs of relenting.

Industry Robotics is a Gateway To The Future!

Digital technology has taken over all the aspects of human life. In many domains, this has brought a paradigm shift. The similar phenomenon is taking place in the industries as well where the automation of systems and processes implies enhanced involvement of robots in industry.

The term industrial robot refers to the hardware system which can work autonomously in various dimensions and has the ability to be reconfigured. This also implies that the work efficiency is enhanced and the output goes beyond the expected outcome through manual labor.


The applications of robots can be found in almost all the industries including the assembly plants, packaging industries, quality assurance cells, product testing and inspection departments, designing the product etc. The added advantage of using robots in industry is the accuracy, increased working hours (in comparison to human endurance levels) and enhanced efficiency.


There are usually two general categories of industrial robots.

  1. The Hard Coded Robots: These robots work according their programmed instructions which they follow to a high degree of precision. These robots do the assigned task in an efficient manner and follow the input instruction word by word. Thus the output is always the same as specified with no variation, for good or for worse.
  2. The Learning Robots: These robots combine the features of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Machine Learning etc. whereby they have the ability to take input from the environment, process it and act accordingly. These robots can be referred to as the robots with a thinking ability, though it is limited. However the advantage of these robots is that these robots can reconfigure themselves to adapt to the environment thus improving their response as compared to the static robots.


The leading industrial corporations and survey bodies in the world have predicted that the robots will be doing the major tasks at the industry levels by the end of next decade. This will bring an economic boost in the industry and will benefit the economy in the long run. The advantages of utilizing the industrial robots are numerous. For example: the use of industrial robots will eliminate the need of heavy machinery that can perform one task by replacing it with an intricately designed, complex robot that could manage a number of tasks.

The use of industrial robots has been forthcoming for quite a while. Especially with the increased cost of labor, even in the countries which were traditionally used for outsourcing labor due to lower costs, has made the shift imminent.

Even with the use of hard coded or static robots, the robots can take over the repetitive jobs while humans step in where the creativity and innovation might be required. In the major industries like locomotive industry, the shift to robotics has already been made. It is only a matter of time before the robots take over the entire industrial production process. However in that scenario the burning question will be to find that delicate balance between automation and manual labor so that humans don’t fear for their living as the robots surge in to take over their jobs. So tell me guys, how do you feel about industry robotics? Is anyone else afraid of losing their job to a robot? This could be questions that are posed very soon, which will lead to humans being basically futile in terms of labor and progression. Artificial Intelligence is taking all of us by surprise and will eventually replace the need for human life. I, for one, while excited do still fear this notion and how the future will look like by the time I am 60.

Robotics is the future